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Eat and be

Chef Alanzo — prepares and serves exquisite dinners to parties from two to 200 at your home, business or private catering event. His blend of French-Mediterranean cuisine draws on a lifetime of skills and the knowledge that all meals, no matter how large or how small, are special events among family and friends.

My Work in Numbers

Alanzo, along with his team, offers culinary and management services. We have the experience to provide concept development strategies and best practice principles in order to achieve maximum sales performance.

Happy Clients
Years of Experience
Success Stories

What Customers Are Saying

“Many thanks for the beautiful food and wonderful service. Your food really made the event special. I appreciate your time and effort!”

Karen L.

“Was so impressed I had to find out more and tell my friends! Last week we attended a fabulous pre-wedding afternoon party”

James B.

“Thank you for making my parents’ anniversary so special. The food was amazing, as was the service. A perfect evening!”

Lucinda D.

“When we were in London we were all blown away by your service and will be recommending you to our friends.”

Thomas S.

Contact Info


8500, Lorem Street, Chicago, IL, 55030


Get Professional Service(844) 595-0487


Feel free to write us[email protected]